Vision and Policy


Left to Right: Jerry McGee (secretary), David DeStefano (vice-chair), Diana Mezzanotte, Townsend Clarkson (treasurer), Sue Schaffer, Brad McIlvain, Dave Morley (chair)

KICA’s seven-person board of directors is the governing body for the community association. The board helps steer major policy decisions, establishes and drives the association’s mission and vision, engages in planning and hires the chief operating officer, who is responsible for daily management of the association. Six volunteer member-directors are elected for two- or three-year terms by the membership at the annual meeting, which is held each year in March. Kiawah Partners (KP), the master developer, appoints the sole developer-director annually.

Over the past few decades, Kiawah Island has matured and grown into one of the premier resort communities in the country. The island’s success is due in large part to strong leadership through KICA and its board of directors. Board directorship provides members a chance to help shape the future of Kiawah and assure that it remains special.

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