A Focus on Personal Wellness

The Sandcastle is currently closed for renovations. The updated facility will have 25% more fitness space, and will open July 3, 2018.

NOTE: The transition of fitness equipment from the modular unit to The Sandcastle will occur on June 28. There will be no fitness equipment available between June 28 and July 3. Fitness classes will remain at the modular building until The Sandcastle opening on July 3.

Temporary Fitness Options

KICA’s temporary fitness center is located at 2 Beachwalker Drive just past the Kiawah General Store and is open daily, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

– Facility users ages 13 -14 must be accompanied by an adult. Users ages 15-17 may be unaccompanied.

– As there is no lobby, allow earlier fitness classes to exit before entering for the next fitness class.

– Log your visit to the facility in sign-in log next to the entrance. This provides KICA with important information on usage.

– There is no towel service at this location. Please provide your own.

KICA Pool Membership With KIGR:

While the Sandcastle is undergoing renovations, Kiawah Island Golf Resort has made available a temporary Governors Club Membership. This special Governors Club access requires all guests to be escorted by members and guest fees do apply:

0 – 3 years: Free
4 – 12 years: $7 per day
13 years and older: $12 per day

For more information on Governors Club membership and applicable rules, please contact Tiffany Shoppe with the resort at

When open, The Sandcastle allows only lineal family member guests and children 3 and under to use the pool at no charge. All other guests are charged $10 if unaccompanied and $5 if accompanied.