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Island-wide Mosquito Treatment

On a weekly basis during mosquito season, usually April through October, KICA’s lakes team counts mosquito landing rates in 30 zones throughout Kiawah. These counts determine which areas of the island need to be sprayed for mosquito control. Charleston County also works with KICA to monitor and spray for mosquitos, in a coordinated effort.

Spraying typically occurs on Thursdays or Fridays, generally between 4-6 a.m., using a fogger that is mounted on a truck. KICA uses an ultra-low volume sprayer, which produces a fine mist and minimizes the amount of chemical used. KICA’s staff are licensed and trained to conduct the spraying effectively and safely.


Sept. 25, 2020: No Zones

The map below shows the various zones throughout the island where spraying is conducted.

Mosquito Zones 2017_2