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Working Out with Susan Lozier at the Sandcastle

If you are interested in staying fit and healthy on Kiawah or Seabrook the chances are excellent that you have met Susan Lozier. She has been an instructor, manager and personal trainer at the Sandcastle for 17 years. Her bright smile, professional knowledge, and easy-going manner have inspired countless members to get in shape and stay that way.

Currently, Susan teaches two classes at the Sandcastle – Core Strength and Stretch, and The Total Package – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition to those, the Sandcastle offers a variety of other fitness classes throughout the week taught by different instructors. For more information on Sandcastle fitness, including a full class schedule for the current month, visit or contact the Sandcastle at 843-768-3875/[email protected].

Susan is originally from Cape Canaveral, FL, perhaps an auspicious indicator of the amazing trajectories her career would take. She has both an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in exercise science. After finishing college in Florida she began her career with a national company that organizes and operates clubs all over the world. Her first assignment was
in Atlanta where she worked while she completed her graduate degree at Georgia State.

After a sojourn as a climbing instructor in California, realizing she wanted to be closer to her family, she picked Charleston as a perfect place to live and work. She quickly obtained apart-time position with the newly formed Wellness Center at MUSC where she would put her knowledge of both the fitness and science sides of her specialties to use. Because the position was not full-time, she augmented her income by becoming a carriage driver in the City of Charleston. She enjoyed the job so much she continued to drive on weekends even after her work at MUSC expanded.

Responding to an inquiry from her original employer in 1995, Susan accepted a position with a club in Beijing, China. She stayed for two years, the worked in Hanoi, Vietnam, and finally Singapore before returning to the United States and her beloved Charleston.

She started work as a fitness instructor with Charleston County Parks and Recreation, and answered a call about teaching some fitness classes on Kiawah. The rest is history. Susan has been
teaching, managing and training on Kiawah and Seabrook ever since. She also has many clients to whom she provides personal training services. She loves her work and is primarily motived by the people who tell her year after year that they fell better and stronger.

Article contributed by Digest Member Volunteer Shauneen Hutchinson.