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Who Does What on Kiawah Island

Newcomers to Kiawah Island (as well as longtime owners) can be easily confused by the many local governmental and non-governmental entities known only by their initials. In the interest of clarity we explain a few of the most commonly used.

KICA (Kiawah Island Community Association)
All property owners are members of KICA and are subject to its Covenants. The Association maintains all common properties including the Community Center (Sandcastle) and provides security and covenant compliance. It is financed by annual assessments that are paid by all members and is governed by a Board of Directors. Six members elected by the membership and one Developer member serve as Directors. Digest is published monthly by KICA to inform all members of Association news and other island subjects of interest.

TOKI (Town of Kiawah Island)
The Town maintains common properties outside the main gate, provides beach management, solid waste collection, judicial service, and planning and zoning for the island. It is financed primarily by business license and franchise fees and accommodation tax receipts. A Mayor and Council elected by Kiawah registered voters govern the Town. Town Notes is its monthly publication. It is sent to all property owners.

KPOG (Kiawah Property Owners Group) 
This volunteer group of property owners monitors matters of interest on the island and is financed by membership dues. Its monthly publication, Kiawah Island Talk, sent to its members, editorially reflects the views of the organization’s leadership.

POPs (Property Owner Parties)
POPs is an independent volunteer organization that promotes activities of local special interest clubs. It also sponsors parties for its members and their guests. For more information about these and other island entities, see Navigating the Maze of K’s: Who Does What on Kiawah Island. It was mailed to all members in October 2004, is included in the packet of information given to new members, and is provided on the KICA website, www.kiawah-owners.org. A new edition will be sent as a Digest insert in Fall 2006.