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Watch the Video from the 2022 Meet the Candidates

Eight candidates running for election to fill two seats on the Kiawah Island Community Association Board of Directors participated in Meet the Candidates event on Wednesday, Jan. 5 at The Sandcastle. The event was hosted by the Brad McIlvain, current board director and Board Outreach and Education Committee chair, and moderated by Town of Kiawah Island Municipal Judge Sanford Ain. Candidates answered questions submitted by community members and compiled by Judge Ain. Voting will take place Jan. 10-Feb. 9, 2022.

Watch the Video

If you prefer to hear the answers to a specific question, see below and click the timestamp to open the video at the corresponding question.

Q1 at 6:42 – Since the last KICA election, do you think that the Board has been functioning optimally? What improvements would you like to see made and why?

Q2 at 24:56 – What is your opinion regarding the expansion of the KICA Board? Do you support the expansion or not, and if so, in what manner do you think it should be expanded and to what number of people?

Q3 at 33:18 – Part A: What is your view with respect to continued development on the Island, including development by any third party entity on the Island (Partners, Resort etc.) and the proposed annexation of properties by the Town of Kiawah? Part B: A group of Kiawah residents recently circulated a petition seeking changes to the Town of Kiawah Island Ordinances, addressing expansion and annexation. What is your opinion with respect to those who support that undertaking and do you support it?

Q4 at 54:40 – Are changes needed for the KICA bylaws and covenants, and if so what would you propose and support?

Q5 at 1:07:30 – What contributions have you made previously to KICA and the community, and in what manner do your prior experiences make you a candidate that people should vote for?

Q6 at 1:25:51 – Part A: The Sandcastle is utilized by a great many KICA members. What, if anything, do you think needs to be added for the community members at the Sandcastle? Part B: What additional amenities and activities do you feel should be added to the Island?

Q7 at 1:39:05 – As a member of the KICA Board, what initiatives would you propose and lead to ensure better communication and participation among members, especially among KICA owners who live here part time?

Q8 at 1:48:38 – Part A: Have you identified any issues or matters currently before the Board or otherwise that you would like to endorse or even champion? Part B: If you are elected to the Board, how would you participate in decision making? What parameters would you use in making those decisions?