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Useful Websites for KICA Members

The Digest is aware that most members use their computers regularly and have a Favorites list they visit often. Operating on the principle that one can never have enough of a good thing, Digest herewith offers several websites that members may find useful or at least interesting. Some are practical and some are whimsical, but KICA members will find all of the sites informative.

This is the official site of the Kiawah Island Community Association. Many members have been frequent visitors, but recent changes have made it both more interesting and user-friendly for everyone.

This portal provides members with easy access to other Kiawah websites as well as useful information about events in the area.

The official website for the Town of Kiawah Island, which is the island’s municipal governing body.

This is the site of Kiawah Island Golf Resort, which is useful to members interested in using the Resort’s dining, golf, tennis, recreation and other amenities.

The site of Kiawah Development Partners, a group that operates the principal island real estate company, Freshfields Village, and is the island’s master developer.

This is the website of the Charleston Post and Courier. It will provide KICA members with information that is published daily in the newspaper. It does not, however, provide photographs that can be E-mailed from its on-line edition.

This is a South Carolina Department of Transportation web-cam site for the Charleston area that provides near real time photos of traffic on area Interstate highways. The site can also be navigated to provide similar information for Interstates throughout South Carolina.,_South_Carolina

This site provides a compilation of basic information about Kiawah Island (e.g. size, demographics, etc.) as well as links to other useful sites. The map links may be of particular interest to members.

This is a website that provides national real estate value information that may be of interest to KICA members.

This is the website for the Weather Service Tropical Atlantic Satellite, which provides reliable and continually updated information about weather activity in the Atlantic. It is especially valuable for tracking Tropical Storms that may affect the South Carolina Low Country.

This is the site for the Kiawah Island Natural Habitat Conservancy, which deals with natural phenomena unique to Kiawah. It provides useful information and is dedicated to preserving Kiawah’s natural heritage.

This is the website for the Nature Conservancy. It contains a great deal of information for members who are interested in preserving the natural heritage of South Carolina generally and the Low Country particularly.

This is the website for the Catesby Commemorative Trust, which serves to educate people about 17th, 18th & 19th century naturalists, explorers, scientists and artists, such as Mark Catesby. KICA member Dave Elliott is the Executive Director of the Trust.

Another fascinating website is, which includes Catesby’s remarkable descriptions and drawings of Southeastern wildlife in the 18th century. The site is easy to navigate with a little practice.

This is the website for the Charleston County Library. Members can search the Library’s entire collection and also reserve books to be delivered to Kiawah on the bookmobile that stops regularly at Night Heron Park. Alternatively, members can reserve books to be picked up at the Johns Island library.

This website is easy to navigate and provides current information on legislation and the activities of elected officials in the South Carolina State Legislature.

Similar to above, this website provides up-to-date information on the activities of elected officials in Charleston County Government. It also provides access to public records regarding crime, civil actions, etc. through the Clerk of Courts and other portals.

This site provides the 2006 tide table schedule for Kiawah Island at the bridge as well as other tide tables for South Carolina coastal locations.

The site of Freshfields Village, which includes a layout map of the various stores and information about the offerings and management of each facility.

The site of Rosebank Farms market located near the entrance to the Kiawah/Seabrook traffic circle. It sells local produce and flowers when they are available.

This is the site for Bohicket Marina and Yacht Club located on Seabrook Island. It offers useful information about events and services for KICA members.

Digest hopes that the sites listed above help members learn more about their island