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Updated Drainage in Rhett’s Bluff to Reduce Roadway Flooding

If you live in or visited the Rhett’s Bluff neighborhood over the past few months, you might have noticed drainage work underway in the area. Recently, we talked about KICA’s regular commitment to pipe replacement to improve the island’s drainage, but the Rhett’s Bluff work is a separate project to address the unique challenges of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was built surrounding a wetland into which rainwater runoff was intended to flow. Over the years since its construction, the wetland drainage system became less efficient. Rather than draining, the wetland simply filled. Members using the walkbridge over the area would find water almost to the level of the decking.

The newly-completed drainage bypasses the wetland, capturing water runoff and directing it to the cleared outlet. In the image above, you can see the channel where water will flow. The sides will be planted with foliage to blend in with the bordering wetland. This new channel will increase drainage efficiency to the neighborhood and reduce rainfall flooding on River Marsh Lane and New Settlement Road.