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Triathlon Info for Community Members

Race Date: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019
Race Venue: Night Heron Park
Event Time: 7:30am – 12pm
Participants: 420 Athletes
Race Maps and Information Sheet

How to Safely Pass a Cyclist on the Road:
1. Slow Down – Ensure that you have enough time to fully access the road and traffic conditions prior to executing a safe pass. Lower speed also gives you more time to react, should conditions change.
2. Look and Wait for Other Traffic – You’ll need space in the next lane in order to pass, so look for a safe gap in that traffic and wait as required. Some bicyclists will hug the right edge of the road in an effort to stay as far away from other traffic- don’t misinterpret this as an invitation to pass in the same narrow lane.
3. Change Lanes to Pass – Once you have an adequate gap in traffic in the next lane, move completely into that lane. This will give the bicyclist a safe buffer and the room they need to maneuver for maintaining balance and avoiding surface hazards.
4. Do Not Honk at Athletes – If the need does arise to honk your horn to alert a cyclist that you are about pass, do so at a respectable distance. If you are too close, the noise itself can cause a cyclist to lose his or her bearings and create a hazardous situation for both you and the cyclist.

For the majority of the run, runners will be on the bike path. Consequently, we kindly ask folks to avoid traveling on the bike path parallel to the Kiawah Island Parkway (between Night Heron
Park and the V-gate) from 8:55am to 12pm.

Road Closures:
All roads will be open with the exception of Sea Forest Drive at Night Heron Park (after Summer Duck Way and before the three way stop at Mariner’s Watch). This section will be closed until approximately 11:30am.

Deputies and race volunteers will be at all major intersections assisting with traffic control. Please use extreme caution while driving on the island on race morning, giving bikes and runners the right of way.

Contact the Resort:
For further assistance please contact the Night Heron Park Nature Center at 843.768.6001.