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The Final Phase of KICA’s Large 2022 Paving Project to Begin Sept. 12

In 2021, KICA’s board of directors voted to use some of the contributions to reserve (CTR) fees from the island’s booming real estate sales to fund an island-wide upgrade to roadway standards. The island’s KICA-owned roadways were rated by an outside engineering firm and all roads were categorized as poor, fair, good or excellent. The new standard means that any roadway currently rated ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ will be repaired to the standard of ‘excellent,’ and maintained in perpetuity at a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ rating. In total, 64 Kiawah Island roads (view list of all roads) have been slated for milling and replacement in 2022. KICA has partnered with Banks Construction to execute this island-wide road repaving project.

Phase 1 of repaving in West Beach and Phase 2 in several Vanderhorst neighborhoods have been completed.

Phase 3 Road Paving

Phase 3 of repaving will take place beyond the Vanderhorst (V) Gate. Phase 3 is the final phase of this roadway standard upgrade and work is planned to start Monday, Sept. 12 and conclude by the end of November. The complete Phase 3 paving schedule has not been finalized, but impacted homeowners will be directly contacted in advance of the repaving. 

Several of the Phase 3 roads tie into Governors Drive. Traffic on Governors Drive may be minimally impacted when the tie-in paving occurs for about 30 minutes. Traffic flaggers will be onsite to keep traffic moving on the main thoroughfares when these tie-ins occur.

Details for Impacted Members

During repaving, members can expect to maintain access to their homes. Roads will first be milled, creating a rough and uneven surface, and a small lip between the road and a driveway. When milling is complete, the road will be paved. Members should drive very slowly (5 mph) in all construction areas and expect one lane of traffic with brief traffic delays. Driving quickly over a milled surface may cause loose debris to fly and could cause damage to a vehicle.

If weather conditions impede milling or paving, the scheduled road will be pushed to the end of the Phase 3 project schedule, and the new date will be communicated to impacted homeowners.