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Submit Feedback on the Sandcastle User Group’s Recommendations

The Sandcastle User Group, a group of 17 community members of all demographics who use The Sandcastle’s amenities, has spent the last year in discussion about how to reduce overcrowding, make access for family and guests more fairly equitable for members with large families or no families, and simplify access policies, among other things. The group has unanimously put forth six recommendations for the community and board to consider this fall, with an anticipated board vote this winter.

Sandcastle Access Recommendations


Overview of the Six Recommendations

  1. No changes to unlimited complimentary access for KICA member households.
  2. Members should be able to bring whomever they’d like to accompany them to The Sandcastle, but with reasonable limits to preserve the experience for all.
    1. Step 1: Merge the currently defined lineal family with guests (extended family and friends) into a new “Friends & Family” category.
    2. Step 2: Annually, every Kiawah property would receive 55 complimentary “Friends and Family” one-day access passes.
  3. The Sandcastle is a member facility. “Friends and Family” should always be accompanied by a member.
  4. The Sandcastle “Friends & Family” fee should be $10/ person, charged only after the 55 complimentary “Friends & Family” day passes are consumed.
  5. Implement a daily “friends & family” limit of 8 people per KICA member household.
  6. Restrict gym and fitness class access to KICA member households only.


Official Presentation

  • Video: Watch and listen to the full Sandcastle User Group’s presentation of the recommendations
  • PDF: View the Sandcastle User Group’s presentation PDF

Member Feedback Requested


KICA Town Hall Discussion

Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. | The Sandcastle

The board of directors will seek member feedback on all island topics, including the Sandcastle access recommendations, at this casual community meeting. Learn more.

Submit Your Feedback Here by Nov. 18

Share your feedback to the Sandcastle access recommendations with the board of directors by Friday, Nov. 18 at noon.
Submit feedback here.



October & November 2022: Community & Board Discussion

December 2022: Board Decision

April 2023: Goal to Begin Implementation of New Policies (If Approved)