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Meet Your Board Director Sandy Devine

SERVICE TERM: 2021-2024 | SECRETARY 2021

Personal Background

We have had a second home here at Kiawah since July 2009. Previously, we lived in Arlington, Virginia, but recently spent three years abroad in Frankfurt, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. Upon returning from Europe, we returned to Kiawah full time in October, 2019. Since then we’ve been renovating our home here, and for the first time, thoroughly enjoying the luxury of living on Kiawah full time through all seasons and activities.

Our three grown children are spread among New York City, New Orleans and Washington D.C., and visit Kiawah frequently. For us, Kiawah has added a special and valued dimension to our lives. We began renting each summer here when the children were small, and Becca and Rory both learned to ride bicycles here. One of our earliest (and oft-cited) memories was turtle watching at dawn. We still maintain our love of cycling. Each of us also enjoys golfing, particularly my husband Bob. In addition to our membership in the Kiawah Island Club, we are also Governors Club members. All of our children have run the Kiawah Marathon multiple times, and the marathon weekend has become a tradition for us. We’ve also enjoyed Jazz Festival many times. And, a more recent Thanksgiving tradition has been to volunteer a day of service at Habitat for Humanity Charleston. During our time in Europe and other travels, we have visited many beautiful beaches in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Australia, Croatia, Canada, and across the U.S. — but in our opinion, none compares to Kiawah. Among many other defining characteristics, the quality of the light here, and the nature of the beach, are unique and special, and simply incomparable.

Community Involvement

Prior to our move to Europe for my work there in 2017, I participated as an observer on the KICA Finance Committee, which I found of value in exposure to Association economics. As noted, we’re members of both the Kiawah Island Club and Governor’s Club. While in Virginia, I served as Chair, St. Stephens and St. Agnes School Annual Giving.

Professional Background

I currently serve as the chief commercial officer in a full-time role with Factor Law, a high-end, specialist corporate legal services firm. In this capacity, I’m responsible for client and market development across our target market, which includes global banks, pharmaceuticals, large technology companies and other Global 100 firms. Previously, I served as executive vice-president of one of the operating units and as, Head of New Markets. In this latter capacity, I launched and operated the firm’s presence in continental Europe.

I hold an MBA from Georgetown University and a BS from SUNY Buffalo. Over the course of my career, I’ve served in multiple GM/MD roles with full P&L accountability, managing teams of 500+ and budgets exceeding $200 million. Prior to making the turn into the legal services space, I spent 25 years + in technology services and business consulting. In these capacities, I’ve overseen all functions including sales and market development; finance, marketing and operations/services delivery.

I started my career in the public sector, spending four years in local government in Buffalo, N.Y. overseeing federal grant allocation to local programs. My mix of public and private sector experience is particularly relevant for KICA. I am an excellent communicator, bringing sound business acumen and reasoned analysis to decision-making. I’m not afraid to make tough decisions, but I’m collaborative and team-focused. Over my career, I’ve mentored many others who have risen in their careers to impressive roles. I launched a Women’s CIO forum; and have actively supported gender initiatives in several of my leadership roles over my career.

Board Service Statement

At this stage of career, I’d like to turn attention to community service. In short, Kiawah has become an intrinsic part of who I am, and I’d like to apply the skills and leadership experiences I’ve
accumulated over my career, to sustaining Kiawah as a unique world – for many generations to come. The challenges facing Kiawah over this next era are ones I’m well positioned for and keenly interested in helping to shape – threading the needle between development and growth and preservation of the unique Kiawah magic – while extending and promoting Kiawah’s presence as a premier destination.

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