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Road Rejuvenation Project Schedule

Road Rejuvenation Extends the Life of Kiawah’s Roads

Nov. 4-17

The condition of area roadways can have a significant impact on the experience of the community. With that in mind, KICA’s staff engineers have sought out innovative solutions to do more with the community’s resources. This November, KICA will begin the second phase of a project on a third of the island’s roads intended to do just that.

Road rejuvenation is an exciting way to responsibly allocate resources, potentially doubling the useful life of island roadways. The classic solution to repair roads is to “mill and replace,” by removing the top layer of asphalt and applying a fresh layer. The road rejuvenation product, Total Asphalt Technology’s Veritas Green Asphalt Rejuvenator, is a unique configuration that reduces the viscosity of aging asphalt and seals the asphalt from water and other fluid intrusion.

In KICA’s Auditor’s Report and 2019 and 2018 Audited Financials, CPAs Robinson Grant and Co. estimated a replacement cost of $15,616,621 over the 0-38 year range of expected life of the island’s roads. This indicates a cost of $260,000 per mile. However, replacement costs vary; the recent project to mill and replace Augusta National was closer to $700,000 per mile of road. While milling and replacing is still the best way to replace asphalt that is past its useful life, the new solution extends the lifespan so that it can be done less frequently. For the cost of a single half to full mile of asphalt replaced with a traditional mill and replacement project, KICA could cover 20 miles of island roads with Veritas Green. This savings could significantly reduce KICA’s spending at a time when traditional milling and replacing is becoming more costly.

The road rejuvenation product is a non-petroleum-based and environmentally safe option, and the process is quick. In 2019, KICA did a test on Masters Court, a small stretch of roadway off of Surfsong Road. The product was applied with a small, golf cart-sized machine with a sprayer attachment. The clear-coat product did not alter the look of the road, just giving it a slightly damp appearance before the surface became tacky enough to drive on. After the test, KICA’s staff engineers continued to observe the road and found the product worked as predicted.

A third of KICA’s roads will be done during the fall portion of this project (see schedules below), with the final third done in spring 2021.  Then two years later, the process will begin again. By re-applying every 5 years, KICA’s roadways will be in the optimum position to get the longest extension to their lifespan.

KICA’s 2020 road rejuvenation project will begin on Wednesday, Nov. 4, and is scheduled until Tuesday, Nov. 17. Charleston County Sheriff’s Department will be on-site, handling traffic control. No parking will be permitted on the street on a roadway’s scheduled date. Each roadway will have one lane open at all times. The solution is safe to drive on after approximately five minutes, and members shouldn’t have issues accessing their property during this time. However, short delays in work areas should be anticipated.

Names of roadways and their scheduled work dates are found below. For this work, roads will be done in groups. The group number for the day is listed next to the date.

The Town of Kiawah has altered a few yard debris and recycling pickup schedules during this time. View the rescheduled roads.

If your road is scheduled to be treated during this project, there are some ways you can help the project go smoothly:

  • Turn off any roadside irrigation systems on the day of treatment.
  • Park all vehicles in the driveway, as opposed to on the street.  Street parking will not be permitted on the day of treatment.
  • Limit large deliveries coming to your home that day.
  • If you have a service provider or contractor who generally services your property on that day, please make them aware of the road rejuvenation project and that they will be unable to park on your roadway that day.

KICA’s project managers for this project are listed below.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to them.

Will Connor, PE
Director of Major Repairs
843-768-2315 office
843-224-5637 mobile
[email protected]

Ryan Ellmers, PE
Civil Engineer
843-768-2315 office
843-425-9802 cell
[email protected]