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Resources for Reporting a Rule or Ordinance Violation

Our community is a vibrant one, shared with full-time and part-time members, guests and vacationers. It’s endlessly invigorating to see the excitement of a visiting family experiencing the pleasures of island life, but there are also times when visitors may (unintentionally or intentionally) break the rules, impacting the livability of our community. As the height of our tourist season approaches, here are some resources for handling violations of our community’s rules (governed by the community association) and ordinances (governed by the Town of Kiawah Island). 


speak up or speak out (with compassion)

Although rental agents and the Kiawah Island Golf Resort provide visitor information on rules, many aren’t aware that it’s a safety issue and violation to bike on the road when a leisure trail exists, or it’s a property violation to leave towels hanging outside on railings. These are examples of two rule violations governed by KICA. If you feel inclined to say something when you see a violation, use compassion: “I’m sure you’re unaware but, our community has a rule…” You are also encouraged to contact KICA Security at 843-768-5566 to report issues like these and our team will address them. 


on the beach

Violations that occur on the beach, like littering or off-leash pets, are governed by the Town of Kiawah Island and the Beach Patrol. Report these to the Beach Patrol at 843-518-2880.



Some of the most common parking violations are governed by KICA. Parking too closely to beach access trails (25 feet away required), parking on road shoulders, or parking in cul-de-sacs are not allowed. Report these violations to KICA Security at 843-768-5566.



Noise violations are governed by both KICA and the town. Hours of quiet are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Contact the town (nighttime enforcement) at 843-259-2137 or KICA Security at 843-768-5566 with noise complaints. 


rental violations

Short-term rental property violations are governed by the Town of Kiawah Island. If renters are violating an occupancy or parking capacity, or other violations, contact the town (day: 843-768-5119, night: 843-259-2137).


if you’re unsure, reach out

If you aren’t sure who to contact, always feel free to contact the Kiawah Island Community Association. Start with our Security department, which operates 24/7 and may be reached at 843-768-5566.