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Regime Managers Convene At Executive Council

The second meeting of the Regime Executive Council, which now meets biannually, combined discussion of several hot-button topics with informational presentations on less divisive issues. The first half hour of the meeting was devoted to a presentation by KICA 2nd Vice Chair and Secretary Russ Crane, followed by questions and answers regarding the then upcoming Parcel 23 referendum (for more information on the referendum vote results, see the cover story).

Leisure Trails
Director of Security Joe Croughwell reported on the use and care of the island bike/jog/walking paths. A summertime usage survey of the trails along the parkway, Kiawah Beach and Governors drives showed that 90-95% of trail users are bicyclists, and usage is heaviest in the mornings. Problems with the trails include insufficient width, dangerous crossings, inadequate maintenance, impaired sight lines and insufficient directional information. The association has no plans to widen any trails, but will address the other issues by leveling or smoothing out lips and bumps, trimming vegetation to clear the paths and to improve sight-lines, and adding signage with location and direction information.

Other items of note:
• Any regime may request a security walk-through of its trails.
• Each regime is asked to provide one volunteer for the “adopt-a-trail” program. Interested members should contact Joe Croughwell (see below for contact information).
• Golf carts are not permitted on trails except those carrying people with a permit for a medical condition.
• The resort maintains trails on its property and usually cooperates readily when the association asks it to take care of a problem.
• Members with concerns about particular trails should contact Joe Croughwell at 843-768-9194 or [email protected].

Development Agreement (DA)
Mayor pro tempore Alan Burnaford reported on the history and progress of negotiations between the town and the resort on a DA that would specify the zoning for all resort-owned property and amenities (Night Heron Park, West Beach including the Inn, East Beach Conference Center, the Sanctuary, four golf courses and Willet Island). Negotiations began about four years ago between the town, which was seeking to satisfy the wishes of members, and Roger Warren, resort president. After about two years with little progress, resort Chairman Bill Goodwin (originally of Virginia Investment Trust, which bought the resort from the developer 20 years ago) joined the discussions. The two entities have agreed on the major principles— density, building size versus open space and traffic control—but have disagreed on their specific implementation. In late October of 2008, the town notified Mr. Goodwin that it was suspending negotiations, but in early November, Mr. Goodwin reiterated his desire to reach a DA. Because of a confidentiality agreement between the two entities, Mr. Burnaford could not disclose specifics of the discussions, but he noted that minus a DA, the resort will need to seek separate zoning for each of its properties. The goal of the town is to reach an agreement that serves the interests of all of Kiawah, and which will not fall apart when the current individual negotiators are no longer involved.