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Q1 2022 Report on KICA’s Traffic Calming Initiative

At KICA’s Conversations with the Board on Monday, April 4, Director of Security Carl Ritchie gave a presentation on KICA’s traffic calming initiative. This initiative came out of community concerns about speeding, a recognition of inconsistent speed limits along the main thoroughfares, and the desire to ensure that Kiawah maintains its pedestrian and bicycle friendliness. Speed limits on several of Kiawah’s main roads were changed on Feb. 15, 2022.

Carl talked through the measures that have been taken to reduce risky behavior, and looked at data taken before and after speed limit changes went into effect. We’re excited to report that he’s seeing positive changes on island roadways.

Q1 2022 Traffic Calming Initiative Report

Watch Carl’s full presentation from Conversations with the Board here.