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POPs Progressive Dinner Invites You to Host the Community

As you probably read earlier this year, Kiawah’s Property Owners’ Parties (POPs) group is now coordinating with KICA to open its events to all KICA members, allowing for more opportunities to come together as a community. Nothing builds community like dining together, especially when it’s in our own homes. That feeling is part of what inspires the Progressive Dinner each year. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, March 5.

The Progressive Dinner is a unique event that takes advantage of Kiawah’s relatively small geographic area. As its name implies, it’s a progression involving several courses and island locations. Attendees start at The Sandcastle for appetizers and wine, then split up as groups of six or more gather in one home for an entree. Following the entree, the groups move to another home for dessert. Enjoy dinner with new and old friends and get a chance to see other homes in a congenial setting!

The kind of connection that’s made over these dinners is what brought two of POPs’ committee members together. Communications coordinator Beth Thomae and the Progressive Dinner coordinator Karla Mugler met for the first time at a Progressive Dinner. “It’s just a great way to meet others,” Karla says. This year, the two are encouraging other members to sign up, attend and even host. 

It all starts at The Sandcastle, where the whole group gathers and mingles over wine and appetizers brought by participants. This course is typically reserved for newcomers to the dinner, so they can get acquainted with the process before hosting in their homes. 

The entree follows, and the host gets to decide what’s for dinner. “Do not be afraid to host the entree,” Beth says. “Just think of favorites that you would serve your family: your spaghetti, your meatloaf.” Beth even suggests going with a more hands-off option: something from the Crockpot, since it finishes up while you are enjoying your wine and appetizers. She has some classic suggestions, as well. “I’ve done my mother’s lasagne, as well as her very retro beef stroganoff, and a dutch oven pot roast. They were all well received.” The entree host will have assigned helpers to bring sides or salad, bread, wine or whatever else you might need. Karla notes that it’s also a great course to host if you have dietary issues, because you decide what’s being served.

The following dessert course is a great way for those with smaller spaces to host as well, because it doesn’t necessarily require a large table. A living room or back porch could create a more conversational setting for groups, which start at six and increase to about 10 attendees. Kathy Halayko is organizing the dessert course, and will be looking for hosts for the last course of the evening.

An event like this does have a lot of moving parts, so sign ups start well in advance of the March 5 dinner. Karla will begin taking RSVPs and plugging them into her spreadsheet on Friday, Feb. 3. The last day to sign up for the 2023 event will be Friday, Feb. 17. Remember , the sooner you sign up, it’s more likely that you’ll get the course of your choice.

Stay tuned to KICA’s weekly emails to get a reminder when sign ups open. If you have any questions, email [email protected] to speak with a member of the committee.