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Pond Pruning Begins Again This Fall

The next phase in KICA’s ongoing pond pruning project begins next week in West Beach. With this project, which started initially in 2019, the Lakes Management team is focusing on cutting back overgrowth at pond edges and restoring sunlight to the pond banks. The increased sunlight promotes grassy growth that helps to filter runoff and control erosion far better than overgrown shrubs.

This work is done carefully by an experienced arborist, who specializes in lifting canopies and doing proactive trimming in an aesthetically pleasing way. Debris in the ponds will be removed, as well as plants and limbs at a 45° angle or less to a pond’s surface (those items that will fall in and become debris in the future). Afterward, the surrounding area is strategically opened to sunlight and airflow.

Sunlight improves pond health by creating the conditions for better oxygenation and helps restore the community of beneficial bacteria to the pond. Airflow reduces stagnation and circulates oxygen throughout the pond, resulting in more efficient breakdown of the leaf debris that does reach the pond. These healthy actions help to prevent several undesirable outcomes: algal growth and fish kills, among others. The newly-pruned pond edges not only allow members to enjoy the sight but also invite back wading birds, like egrets and herons. Increasing the wildlife benefit is a cascade effect, where more activity equals increasingly healthier ponds.

The work begins next week in ponds 9 (Crested Flycatcher) and 13 (Greensward/west of Sandwedge). Other ponds currently scheduled for pruning this fall are 17 (Greensward/east of Sandwedge), 20 (Sea Marsh/Needlerush) and 34 (Windswept/Parkside). For a more in-depth look at the process and outcome, view this article.