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Notice of 2023 Member Assessment Rates

The association assesses community members annually to help fund the maintenance of Kiawah Island common property and infrastructure, KICA facilities and amenities, and provide community services, like security and recreation. On Monday, Dec. 5, the KICA Board of Directors voted to approve the association’s 2023 budget and the corresponding assessment rates.

The annual assessment billing will take place on Jan. 5, 2023 with payment due no later than Feb. 4, 2023. Most residential members will see three charges: the General Assessment, the Reserve Assessment and the Sandcastle Amenity Assessment. Annual assessment rates vary depending on the property owned: a residence is considered an improved property and a lot is considered an unimproved property. For 2023, the three main assessment charges total $2,754 for an improved property (residence) and $1,377 for an unimproved property (lot).

A portion of members pay additional segment assessments, if applicable to their property. View the 2023 assessment rates here, and read the descriptions of each assessment type here.

An assessment statement will be billed to the primary contact of each managing household. Notices will be sent by email, unless members have notified (in their member account or by contacting member services) the association of their preference to receive a mailed statement.

These assessment rates are determined through the lengthy annual budgeting process, which involves input from community members, the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors. To learn more about how these rates are determined, read KICA’s 2023 Budget Overview.