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Mosquito Control on Kiawah a Joint Effort

Anyone who has been outside to enjoy the summer already knows that mosquito season is well underway in the Lowcountry. KICA makes mosquito control a high priority throughout the year. Find out about KICA’s processes and what you can do to help limit mosquitoes on your property.

Mosquito Population Control
• KICA and Charleston County employ a variety of methods
• County uses aerial spraying (via plane/helicopter) throughout the county, and ground control in select areas (visit to view a treatment schedule)
• KICA provides all ground control on Kiawah

KICA Treatment Methods
• Island divided into 31 mosquito zones
• Staff treat storm drains with larvicide
• Larvicide treatments last approx. 150 days
• Staff perform weekly mosquito counts in each zone and on member request
• Counts determine whether specific zones require additional spray treatment

Larvicide treatments are typically only done once a year, during the warmer months. However, since last year, KICA treats twice annually (March and August), providing an extra 150days (close to one full year in total) of protection. Also, the threshold for treatment based on mosquito counts has been lowered, meaning more coverage for more areas.

How You Can Help
With all of the efforts of KICA and the County, there are still many things members can do to help keep the mosquito population under control and combat the spread of mosquitoborn diseases.
• Every three days, flush birdbaths, potted plant saucers and other containers that hold water
• Keep yard clean and cut
• Remove items from yard that hold water and are not needed outside
• Keep lawn and gardening equipment indoors
• Fix leaky faucets
• Keep gutters clean
• Change pet water dishes regularly
• Use bug repellent. OFF, Cutter, Sawyer, Ultrathon and Repel are all brands recommended by Center for Disease Control. Preventing bites in the first place is key to prevention of disease.

KICA will continue to monitor and treat mosquito populations in the area, working with Charleston County and others as needed. If you are experiencing mosquito problems at your property, contact KICA Lakes Department at 843-768-2315/[email protected].