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Members to Receive New Vehicle Decals in 2021 for Gate Access

In early 2021, the association will transition away from barcode decal technology for gate access and will replace the vehicle barcodes with radio-frequency identification (RFID) decals.

An RFID decal is still a window sticker for your vehicle, but the technology is more advanced. The RFID scanner at Kiawah’s gates will emit a radio frequency that can be read within a wide range, eliminating misreading errors caused by barcodes that are misaligned with the narrow view of an optical scanner.

RFID Sample decal

The RFID decals will be smaller and more discreet than the barcodes, and placed on your driver’s side windshield.

The RFID transition will occur over several months and members can expect to be notified with more instructions in the coming weeks.