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Order Pine Straw Directly from KICA

Did you know KICA members can purchase pine straw from KICA’s Land Management department at a discounted rate? KICA members can purchase short needle pine straw by the bale for $4 each (+ tax) charged to your member account, credit card, or personal check.


Making Your Order

Note: you must place your order 48 hours in advance of your pickup or delivery date (see below for info and charges).

You can make your order through your KICA member account. Select the contact form and select Pine Straw Order from the dropdown. Include the number of bales you wish to order, the date of pickup or delivery you desire, and the type of charge (member account, credit card or personal check) in the description. You will receive a call or email from KICA staff, confirming your order.

You can also email this information to [email protected].


Pick Up or Delivery

Pine straw can be picked up at the pickup location on Kestrel Court (along the fence beside the recycling center) on Tuesdays or Thursdays after 8 a.m. Do not pick up pine straw without receiving a confirmation email that your order has been processed. Orders are marked with the member’s name. (Landscaping companies can pick up pine straw on behalf of members but any order must be made and purchased by the member.)

KICA will deliver orders of 100 bales or larger for a $50 fee. There is a $5 additional charge for every 10 bales over 100. Deliveries are made on Fridays only.



Contact the KICA Land Management Department at [email protected] with any questions.