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Member Survey: A Message from President Faith Dodge

Dear Members,

In May 2004, the Community Association asked you to complete a Member Survey. We received responses from 45% of the total membership. This was a very good response rate; we thank each of you for taking the time to participate and share your views.

The survey results have been used by the Board of Directors since then to develop action items for staff, committees, and the board. These action items and goals are established according to your comments and suggestions on how to enhance the quality of your Kiawah Island lifestyle.

The results of the survey were made public in July 2004. With the 2006 survey approaching, the board would like to revisit the 2004 survey – summarizing the issues that were brought forward and sharing with you the accomplishments and plans for addressing those issues.

1. The Board of Directors was asked to improve communications and respond to the members on various decisions.

• Many issues have arisen and been addressed this year. We have expanded on the coverage of these issues in the monthly Kiawah Island Digest, by Instant News Flashes provided via bulk email to members, and through open meetings on issues in which the members indicated an interest in participation. These meetings have included topics such as Pond Reconstruction and Dredging, Dunes Management Guidelines, and Sandcastle Art Displays.

• The board has established an Amenities Task Force comprised of representatives of the major entities on the island, to address the issues of future amenities. The Property Owner Directors have met with regimes, rental agencies and members regarding their desires.

• The Property Owner Directors met with individual members and worked with the Town and the Developer regarding the Development Agreement. Instant News Flashes, postings to the website, and Digest articles conveyed the latest updates on the Development Agreement to you.

• The Navigating the Maze of K’s booklet was developed and provided to members in the Digest, on CD, and on the website. This helps our members to become better informed on whom to refer for specific information and assistance.

2. The survey responses indicated the need for improvements to the Sandcastle.

• Various committees, including Sandcastle Community Center, Finance, and Major Repairs & Replacement, have worked on improvements this year. Their efforts resulted in a new exterior elevator and a complete second floor renovation with a sound system and screen for classes, seminars, social activities and meetings as well as improved lighting for bridge games, club meetings, and other events.

• Plans are also underway for modification of the Sandcastle’s first floor. An ad hoc committee is looking at the snack bar, additional fitness room, and multi-purpose areas.

3. Members suggested improvements regarding Security, which the board has considered carefully.

• Gate access pass policies have been improved and better control over employee passes has been established.

• Consistency in enforcing the rules and regulations has been addressed, along with in- creased announcements regarding rules in the Digest.

• A photo identification pass system has been implemented for the Sandcastle Community Center to ensure that only those authorized to use the facility can gain access.

4. You told us in the 2004 survey that our Digest publication was your most frequent source of information.

• The Communications Advisory Committee is well aware of the need for informative articles and will continue to publish these items, as well as highlight social activities of interest to the membership.

• The committee also strives to distribute the Digest in a timely fashion, as well as explore cost-saving options such as newsletter delivery via electronic means. Approximately 450 members have requested the Electronic Digest over their paper copies, which saves money for the Association and ensures that E-Digest users get their news sooner.

5. There was an interest by our membership in the general operations of the Association regarding the staff and financial conditions.

• In a recent National meeting of large-scale community association managers hosted by KICA, it was apparent that this Association is held in high regard across the Nation. Other associations continue to use many of our programs as models for their communities.

• Full financial information is continually shared with our membership via Digest, as well as Annual Meeting materials and our website. Our investment policy is conservative and our financial position is sound. Quarterly budget reports are submitted to the board and the Treasurer reports on the financial situation at the monthly board meetings. All financial information is available at the Association offices upon request.

6. Several other items you mentioned in the survey were increased beach parking, improvement of access roads between Kiawah and Charleston, more entertainment and shopping.

• As we all realize, Kiawah property is at a premium. We continue to discuss and look for possibilities for additional beach parking. The parking lot on Governor’s Drive near the fire station contains approximately 30 spaces and is seldom used. There will also be additional designated parking at the Ocean Course Club House for members’ use.

• The Town of Kiawah Island is working with government entities on access road improvement.

• The addition of Freshfields Village and renovation of Bohicket Marina Village have provided enhanced shopping and convenience opportunities.

• Increased educational and social programs are available at the Sandcastle such as Italian conversation classes, opera classes, the KICA 101 seminar, oyster roasts, cocktail hours, sunset cruises, ice cream socials, and movie matinees for children. We continue to offer educational and social programs for the entertainment of our members and have planned events based on member input. The board invites your specific requests.

There is always room for improvement in all of us. The Association is no exception. We continue to seek your input and will act on your requests whenever possible. Again, we appreciate your time in responding to the biennial survey, and feel it is important to keep you informed on what actions we are taking when you make your voices heard. Please watch for your next opportunity in the 2006 survey in the coming months.

We also invite you to serve on one of our nine advisory committees. While we try diligently to keep you informed, involvement is the best path to knowledge. You may visit our website for descriptions of the committees and a copy of our Interest Inventory form, or you may contact Shannon White,  Director of Member Services, directly toll free at 866-226-1770, locally at 768 9194, or by email at [email protected].

Faith Dodge
KICA President