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Meet KICA Board Director David DeStefano

Service Terms: 2019-2022, 2022-2025

The statements below were provided by David for the 2022 election.

Personal Background

A friend of ours attended a conference here in 1985 and he let us know about this wonderful place near Charleston, SC. We then came here in the fall of 1985 for a long weekend. We immediately fell in love with Kiawah and promised ourselves that we would eventually purchase here, and retire here. We purchased a Tennis Club villa in 1989 and built a home in 2009. We moved here full-time in 2014.

Professional Background and Experience

I am currently serving on the KICA Board. I was elected in 2019 to a three-year term. I am the chairperson of the Town’s Public Works Committee. Currently, I am the co-chair of KICA’s Amenities Task Force and the Safety and Enforcement Task Force. My tenure as a KICA Board member, along with my ability to get things done for the community for the past three years, coupled with my life experiences as an engineer, contractor and attorney, provide me with the expertise to continue to serve the community.

2024 Update: David is currently co-chair of the new Security & Enforcement Committee and a KICA board representative on the Joint ARB Task Force.

Board Service Statement

I am running for re-election to the KICA Board so that I can continue to serve the community and complete the many projects, both those that are in progress and those to be addressed over the next few years. During the past three years, I was instrumental in getting the bike path widened and rebuilt from the first gate to the first Flyway in the spring of 2021. I was also a strong advocate on the Board in getting the family pool heated this year. In addition, it was through my efforts that the furniture was replaced at Cinder Creek. Probably my greatest goal is to continue to move the Board toward greater transparency including more open meetings. It is my aim to see that various projects actually come to fruition in a timely manner. Current projects and future projects include: upgrades to more leisure trails, improvements to our roads (rated poor or fair to good or excellent), upgrades to our boardwalks, enhanced signage on both roads
and leisure trails, and consensus toward better enforcement of our many rules and covenants. I also look forward to participating in the review and updating of the covenants and bylaws.

View David’s 2022 board candidate video interview.

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