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Make Positive Changes for Island Neighbors

Just minutes away from Kiawah, nearly 4,000 children, adults and seniors are living below the poverty level on the Sea Islands. Around 30 percent of residents on Wadmalaw Island and 15 percent on Johns Island are unable to meet their basic needs. Kiawah Cares is determined to provide aid to and increase opportunity for our neighbors on the Sea Islands.

To address these humanitarian needs, Kiawah Cares has selected four program partners that are making a dent in the effects of poverty on the Sea Islands. You can support these important organizations when you support Kiawah Cares’ end of year giving campaign.

These meaningful and effective programs include, but are not limited to:
reducing hunger and supporting seniors (Meals on Wheels),
providing home repair to those in need (Community Home Improvement Project),
bringing comfort to veterans and seniors (Made with Love), and
promoting recreational opportunities for youth (Barrier Island Little League and Going Places).

Together, these worthy programs establish a strong foundation of support to the Sea Island community, addressing hunger, housing and wellness for the young and old.

If you’d like to make a guaranteed positive impact on the lives of your neighbors, choose to fund this set of core programs with our trusted partners.

The goal for the end of year giving campaign is $60,000. Kiawah Cares will be accepting donations through Email [email protected] for more information.