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Low Speed Vehicle Pilot Program Update

Earlier this year, the KICA board instituted a pilot program to evaluate the impact of low-speed vehicles(LSVs) on the island. This program, which runs through December 2019, enables KICA to limit the number of rental LSVs on the island and monitor their use. LSVs are not currently restricted on Kiawah; property owners may own them (if they are registered and have a decal)and they are currently available to rent. Only Lightning Bugz Rentals is participating in this program, and it is the only company allowed to rent on the island.

During this pilot program, a maximum of 12 rented LSVs are permitted on Kiawah at a time. They are equipped with a GPS to track their use and location, which can be monitored by KICA Security. Currently, no more than a handful of these vehicles have been on the island at any one time during the pilot program.

Low speed electric vehicles look like golf carts, but are treated like automobiles due to the speeds they can achieve. They must be registered with the DMV, riders must wear seat belts and drivers are required to abide by all traffic laws, making them subject to citations by police. They are only permitted on roads having speed limits of 35 mph or less. They are not permitted on leisure trails or golf paths.

If you see a driver in a Lightning Bugz LSV breaking the rules, contact [email protected] or 843-768-5566 to report the violation, so that KICA’s board will have a thorough understanding of LSVs’ effect on community life.