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KICA’s Island-wide Paving Restarts Oct. 31

In 2021, KICA’s board of directors voted to use some of the contributions to reserves (CTR) fees from the island’s real estate sales to fund an island-wide upgrade to roadway standards. The island’s roadways were rated by an outside engineering firm and all roads were categorized as poor, fair, good or excellent. The new standard means that any roadway currently rated ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ will be repaired to the standard of ‘excellent,’ and maintained in perpetuity at a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ rating.

Phase 1 of repaving in West Beach and Phase 2 in the Vanderhorst neighborhoods have been completed. The final roads in Phase 3 of the project are scheduled to start Oct. 31. Green Dolphin Way, Shell Creek Landing, Cordgrass Court, Greensward Road, Shoolbred Court, and Glen Abbey will be completed by Nov. 11. Homeowners living in the impacted areas have been contacted directly with a paving schedule.