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KICA's Comments on the Short Term Rental Ordinance

The Kiawah Island Community Association (KICA) has followed the community discussion regarding the Town of Kiawah Island’s (TOKI) short term rental ordinance. KICA believes that there are two discrete issues associated with this debate that ought to be considered separately:


There’s been very little disagreement on the need for improvement, and KICA’s board supports the town’s efforts to enhance enforcement capabilities. KICA has an enforcement role as well, and we look forward to working with TOKI to make meaningful improvements on this front. This is important to quality of life.


Much like the community, KICA’s board is divided on the issue of caps. Given the current lack of data to support either view, the board believes the town should delay a vote on this part of the ordinance until more information is available that supports one view or the other.

Despite differences, all stakeholders want strong property values. Kiawah is a unique community type, and data that helps stakeholders better understand various impacts to property values should help guide future community discussions on this and other issues.