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KICA Introduces Bike Patrol for Education on Trails

At KICA’s May board meeting, COO Shannon White announced that one KICA security team member would split patrol time between vehicle and bicycle patrols. 

KICA’s Director of Security Mark Ruppel later talked about the thinking behind this proactive change. “We were seeing issues on the leisure trails, like speeding and not sharing the paths, that stem from a lack of knowledge of the island’s rules. We’re excited to get a bicycle patrol officer out during the summer to help with that essential education.” While the officer will be able to hand out covenant violations, the primary objective is to educate leisure trail users about the island’s requirements. 

In preparation for this new role, the KICA patrol officer will attend the same bicycle training that police bike officers attend, ensuring that he or she has the skills to safely handle any encounter. On the trails, the patrol bicycle will be clearly marked with lights. The bike patrol is expected to kick off this summer. If you see a patrol officer on the leisure trails, stop and say hi.