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KICA Employee Tested Positive For COVID-19

Dear Member,

I hope this message finds you well on this Memorial Day weekend.

I regret to inform you that KICA has had its first employee test positive for COVID-19. This is a behind-the-scenes employee with no direct member interaction. The employee had worked in The Sandcastle on May 15th, before it reopened to members. The Sandcastle is routinely disinfected and has been cleaned 15 times since the employee was last in the facility. The employee was briefly at the main security gate on May 18th when the symptoms began, stayed home from work and was tested on May 19th, and received positive test results on May 22nd.

We are grateful that this particular employee followed our protocol by staying home from work at the onset of symptoms, notifying Human Resources, and seeking medical advice. These actions likely prevented the spread of the virus. We have performed contact tracing for 5 days prior to the positive test and all employees with a potential exposure have been notified.

Prior to the limited Sandcastle reopening, KICA consulted MUSC for guidance on facility operations, cleaning protocols, and other protective measures. This includes procedures for when employees stay home from work, how to monitor for symptoms, and the types of protective equipment to be used while working. As part of these procedures, all member-facing staff have been wearing masks and practicing social distancing since facilities began a limited reopening last Monday. The Sandcastle and other KICA facilities are routinely disinfected.

While we don’t believe there is cause for alarm, this serves as a reminder that all in our community need to remain vigilant and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.


Jimmy Bailey
KICA Chief Operating Officer