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Kiawah: A Safe Haven for Nesting and Resting Shorebirds

Each year, we remind you that Kiawah is a stopover for the long-distance champs of the migrating world, the threatened Red Knot. While it’s true that Red Knots need your protection when they’re here, there are tons of other shorebirds and wildlife, from Least Terns to sea turtles, that you can help in the same way. 



The first step is to notice these animals, which can be difficult. Shorebirds are especially good at camouflage; you may not see them if you’re not looking carefully. While this is meant to protect them, it can harm them if you don’t see a nest while riding your bike or running with your dog. A little extra caution can go a long way toward helping these animals.



For all Kiawah’s shorebirds and other wildlife, the key to keeping them safe is distance. Give these animals the space they need while they’re here. 

Wildlife is a big part of what makes Kiawah so magical, and you probably want to document the amazing creatures you encounter. If you need to get a picture of the flock of birds or dolphins strand feeding, you can – just make sure you do so from a distance. If an animal is reacting to you, you’re already too close.