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Island Prepares to Host PGA Champions

The Wannamaker Trophy has arrived at Kiawah from San Francisco and, less than a year from now,156 of the world’s best golf professionals follow, fighting for a chance at the 2021 title. The PGA
Championship will be played May 17-23, 2021 at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Course.

Tickets officially went on sale in early August. If you weren’t able to purchase your tickets at that time, there’s still another chance. An official ticket exchange will provide a guaranteed way to buy 2021 PGA Championship tickets from verified sellers in a convenient, safe, and 100% guaranteed environment. This program will very likely be launched in early September on with PGA partner, PRIMESPORT.

If you did get tickets, Kyler Rose of the PGA’s marketing team recommends some moments you won’t want to miss. “Attend one of the practice round days (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday). The atmosphere is much more relaxed and if you are attending with young children, the players are much more engaging (think autographs and photos). I also recommend bringing a chair and claiming a spot around the 17th hole on Sunday. What happens on this hole within those last few groups could decide
the Championship.”

The week of the PGA will be a busy time for the island, with guests and attendees arriving from all over the world. In anticipation of that, island entities have been preparing for months.


Parking has been a big concern since the PGA Championship was announced. All PGA guests driving to the island will park outside of the main gate, near Freshfields Village. On-island shuttle
service will be provided for those staying on Kiawah Island during Championship Week. PGA operations, parking and logistics teams will begin working closely with KICA’s team in the coming months on access to the island, passes, and more. Member information will be provided in early 2021.


Since KICA maintains the landscape of common property throughout the island, the association will play a large role to ensure the island looks its best while on showcase during the championship.
Director of Land Management Doug Walter sets a high bar for the look, saying, “We want it to showcase the natural beauty of the island, not too formal but maintaining an understated elegance. In everything we do, we want to promote sustainable practices, blending colorful tropicals with foundations of native plants.”

Doug also notes that, while these landscaping updates throughout Kiawah’s visually prominent interior corridor are being timed for the PGA Championship, the plantings will offer long-term appeal for members to enjoy.

KICA’s timeline for water management projects was structured to include a lull in construction for the first part of 2021, ensuring the island will look its best during the event. Projects currently underway, the new outfall structure at Pond 30 and the dredging of the Trumpet Creeper inlet, will be completed by the end of the year, allowing mitigation plantings to grow in before the excitement starts.

As we draw closer to the event, be on the lookout for more information in KICA’s weekly email newsletters. We’ll provide important info and interesting tidbits as soon as they’re available.