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How to Pay Your 2021 Assessment Online

KICA’s 2021 assessments will be billed to members during the week of Monday, Jan. 18, and will be due at the end of February. Your board voted to approve a 0% increase to assessments for 2021. Your annual assessment will be billed in your member account, and the association will email the managing owners of your household with a notice to view and pay your statement balance. Most members will see three charges: the General Assessment, the Reserve Assessment and the Sandcastle Amenity Assessment. A portion of members pay additional segment assessments, if applicable to their property.

Assessment Resources

2021 Assessment Types | 2021 Assessment Rates

Payment Options

As of September 2020, when KICA implemented the member portal (powered by Salesforce), all online payments (for assessments or any charges) are made by logging into your member account. You may pay with an eCheck (recommended – no processing fee), or you can pay with a credit card (2.99% processing fee). For an eCheck, you will need your bank account number and your routing number. You can also mail a check to: Kiawah Island Community Association, PO BOX 65435, Phoenix, AZ 85082-5435. Please include your Account ID (found on mailed statements or in your member account, click My Account) in the memo.

View Your Balance & Pay Now

Member Account Support

If you have never activated your member account, please request the activation email to be resent by contacting [email protected]. The activation email will prompt you to follow a link where you’ll create your own password, which will activate your account.

If you are able to log in successfully, but need assistance to complete your payment, start with this tutorial.

Billing Preferences

The association emails all notifications of billing statements. An additional copy will be mailed to members who have requested to receive a paper statement. If you’d like to update your preference for future billing cycles, log in to your member account. Click the “My Account” navigation heading, view “Family Info” and select the edit button (pencil icon) to the right of the “Mail Statement/Invoice,” check the box. Hit “Save,” and going forward, you will receive a mailed statement in addition to the emailed notice.

Billing Questions

All questions about your assessment statement or account balance may be directed to KICA’s accounting department through the Contact tab in your member account (preferred). Select “Billing Issue” as the member issue category. You can track the progress of your inquiry in the “Inquiry History” tab. You may also submit questions to [email protected] if you are unable to access your member account.