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Help Save Kiawah’s Bobcats in August’s Digest

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You Can Help Save Kiawah’s Bobcats

Kiawah’s bobcats have always been elusive. Now they’re starting to disappear. In a blow to the island’s many bobcat lovers, as well as its ecosystem, biologists now estimate that fewer than ten bobcats remain on Kiawah, down from a historic population of 30-35. Find out how you can act to help save the bobcats on Kiawah.

Lakes Team Manages Mosquito Abatement

Did you know that there are at least 61 different types of mosquitoes in South Carolina? Thankfully, KICA’s Lakes Management team is made up of biologists who tailor their approach to mosquito abatement to suit the island’s conditions. Matt Hill, Lakes Management supervisor, points out that “pest management is always a delicate balance between human comfort and environmental responsibility.”

Financial Update from KICA’s Treasurer

At KICA’s July 13 Board of Directors meeting, treasurer Dave Morley gave a report on the financial status of the association. KICA always provides monthly financial reports to members but in this case, it’s important to highlight how the association is performing in this unusual year. Dave’s report looked at KICA’s finances through the end of May 2020 in comparison to the annual budget.