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Heating Work Begins at The Sandcastle Family Pool

We have exciting news at The Sandcastle, as work gets underway to heat the Family Pool. KICA’s board of directors voted unanimously in May to heat the pool and KICA’s contractor will be onsite on Monday, Sept. 13, beginning site work to build platforms where the pool’s heaters will be installed. During this time, some portions of the curb and sidewalk will be roped off and removed. After this step, heaters will be installed and the pool contractor will install and connect the heating elements to the Family Pool. Unlike the Oceanview Pool, the Family Pool is not already plumbed for heating, making the work more time-consuming.
The work is getting underway now so that the process can be completed for usage this year during cooler weather. Like the heated Oceanview Pool, the Family Pool will not be heated throughout the winter months, but the new heating capability will be used to extend enjoyment into the cooler shoulder seasons in late fall and spring.