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Go Paperless: Mailing Delays Make Email Billing & Online Payment the Most Efficient Choice

Do you want to save time, resources and fees? There’s a simple and efficient way to do all three with one simple action: go paperless! The association offers two ways to do this: provide your email address in your member account to receive emailed billing statements and make your payments using an e-check, rather than a traditional one.


KICA is consistently seeing mailing delays of up to 15 days for check payments. This substantial delay occasionally results in missed payment deadlines and late fees, making it a less than ideal payment option. Next time you receive a notice of an association account balance and you’re asked to make a payment, KICA encourages payment by e-check (electronic check) to pay securely and instantly, with no processing fees, and to avoid the problematic delay of mailed paper checks.

To pay by e-check simply log in to your member account and click the Billing & Payment navigation heading. (Need help logging in or paying online? Click here.) If you have a balance, there will be a “Make A Payment” link and the online payment screen defaults to Pay By Check. You’ll be able to submit your bank account and routing number to pay directly from your checking account. (Please note, paying by e-check through your KICA member account is different from logging in to your bank and ordering a physical mailed check, which doesn’t eliminate the issue of mailing delivery lag-time.) You can also pay online by credit card.

Along with the inefficiency of mailing statements or payments, it’s also a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for staff to print and mail billing statements. Although most members are receiving emailed billing notices, members can also opt-in to receive mailed statements. If you are receiving a mailed statement and would like to go paperless to eliminate mailing time, paper waste and save staff time, log in to your member account and uncheck the preference to receive mailed billing statements under the My Account navigation heading (make sure you’re on the default Family Info subtab). Your updated preference will go into effect for the next month’s billing cycle.


For those still receiving mailed statements, KICA is reducing the frequency of statement mailings to one per quarter, unless your account balance is $65 or more, and then you’ll receive monthly statements along with the standard emailed billing notice. Monthly statement notices will continue to be sent to members via email.

If you have questions about managing your billing preferences, logging in to your member account or making online payments, contact KICA’s member services team at [email protected] or 843-768-9194.