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Flood Mitigation Special Assessment Billed to Members


In the spring of 2020, members voted to approve a special assessment to fund six infrastructure improvement projects that will result in reduced flooding in known susceptible locations. The special assessment is billed annually in June at $130 per improved property and $65 per unimproved property and was being charged to your member account Friday, June 18 with payment due by July 31.

Notices were emailed to the primary or billing contact of your household. To pay this assessment, visit the Billing and Payment tab of your member account. Contacts received a notice regardless of whether an assessment is due for your Kiawah property. If you’re not sure if your assessment is paid, simply navigate to the My Account tab and click on KI Properties. You’ll see a checkbox indicating your assessment is paid in full. (If you purchased your property after May 1, 2020, the balance of the 5-year special assessment should have been paid in full by the previous owner at closing.)

View the 2020 Flood Mitigation Assessment Summary

KICA’s 2021 flood mitigation projects were scheduled in the fall to avoid interfering with preparations for the PGA Championship, but the work will begin again after Labor Day on Projects 1 and 3. View project descriptions and information here.