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First Month of the New Year Sees 135 Parking & Trailer Parking Violations

Ah, January – a time for starting fresh, for turning over a new leaf, and for…parking violations? It’s true: 80% of violations last month were for parking alone. But that’s not the whole story, since another 12% were for parking a trailer at a residence. All in all, lack of knowledge or concern about island parking rules accounted for a whopping 135 of 147 violations.

How can you or your contractors avoid one of these citations? Review these traffic and parking rules and make sure your service providers are abiding by them when they are on the island.

In January, island entries were off to a slow start: 141,038 vehicles passed through the Main Gate – just over 4,500 per day on average. While this seems like a large number, according to the SCDOT, this is in the lower half of the intermediate volume range. During the same time, 79,887 vehicles passed through the V-Gate. In December 2023, 147,610 vehicles were recorded at the Main Gate, and 82,002 passed through the V-Gate.

See the full January Security report here.