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Fifteen ‘Fair’ Roads Slated for Milling & Replacement This Fall

In 2021, KICA’s board of directors voted to use some of the contributions to reserves (CTR) fees from the island’s booming real estate sales to fund an island-wide upgrade to roadway standards. The island’s roadways are rated by an outside engineering firm and all roads are categorized as poor, fair, good or excellent. The new standard means that any roadway rated ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ is repaired to the standard of ‘excellent,’ and maintained in perpetuity at a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ rating.

From 2021 to 2023, KICA improved all roads rated as poor or fair and now conducts regular evaluations to maintain the standard. In 2023, roads that had slipped to a “poor” ranking were repaved. In 2024 and 2025, the board has allocated $2 million to uphold the association’s road maintenance standard and address the most recent round of “fair” roads.

KICA recently finalized a contract with Banks Construction for the milling and replacement of 15 “fair” roadways. Per KICA’s Financial Controls Manual, this contract received approval by KICA’s board of directors before it was signed. The 2024 project will be completed in the fall months, before Thanksgiving. Details will be provided to members living in the project areas closer to the start date.

2024 Project List

Surfsong Road (Governors to ~Nicklaus Lane)

Wax Myrtle Court

Marsh Elder Court

Sawgrass Lane

Blue Heron Pond Road (RT)

Grey Fox Den

Bull Thistle

Chinaberry Lane

Eagle Point Road

Moon Tide Lane

Virginia Rail Road

Shell Creek Landing

Club Cottage Lane

Osprey Cottage Lane

Savanna Point

The 2024 project list was determined in part by two large roads, Surfsong Road and Blue Heron Pond Road. Both roads have already been partially completed and are similarly resource-consuming due to size. By grouping the remaining roadways near these large project areas, the association can get more bang for its buck with less time and money devoted to set up and staging. Paving this significant portion of the “fair” roads while oil prices are relatively low (asphalt is a petroleum product) was another budget consideration.

The remaining “fair” roads will be milled and replaced in 2025. After completion, these roads will be placed in KICA’s maintenance schedule with reduced usable life timelines, ensuring common-property roadways are maintained to the Kiawah standard. KICA’s engineering consultant assesses roadways on a regular interval, every 2-5 years.

In addition to paving, KICA also handles road maintenance issues with curbing, drainage and more as needed. You can always report an issue in your Member Portal, under Report an Issue.