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Cyclist/Pedestrian Safety Improvement on Lower Flyway Drive

Updated July 11, 2024

The community association and its Security and Enforcement Task Force have been working to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on the portion of Flyway Drive without a leisure trail, from Surfsong Road to Ocean Course Drive. On Thursday, July 11, KICA’s contractor painted intermittent road markings known as sharrows to indicate that the right side of the road on this portion of Flyway Drive is shared with cyclists and pedestrians.

The markings have been added to the existing road; it was not widened or modified. Unlike a designated bicycle lane, which is marked the full length of the road, sharrows are staggered markings with a bicycle icon and brief lane indicators to remind people that the road is shared. This type of road marking is commonly used in Charleston and many communities, but it is the first time sharrows will be implemented on Kiawah.