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A Letter from the COO

Dear members,

With soaring real estate sales, we have the opportunity to welcome many new faces to our community. We are so happy to have you join our island community! For our longtime members, you likely remember your first few months on Kiawah and the connections you made with your new neighbors. While COVID has changed that for us over the past two years, I’m hopeful that the coming months permit the opportunity for new neighbors to meet and longtime friends to reconnect. Kiawah is a place of connection – with our neighbors and friends, with our families, or with ourselves in quiet relaxation.

The Sandcastle is one such place to make these connections. Come to the gym or join one of our many workout classes. Come experience an Our World presentation or join a community club. Pick up a book in our lending library on the first floor and head upstairs to our second floor verandah. Personally, I think the view from our verandah is one of the best on the island, where on a clear day, you can see the island from tip to tip. In the early evenings, bring a bottle of wine and enjoy this special view with your spouse or friends as the sun sets. The Sandcastle is your space to engage with your neighbors through various social, wellness and educational activities. We are hopeful that we will be able to host you poolside for Celebrate Kiawah on Saturday, April 23. This is a relaxed, outside party, with great food and fun music, where you can experience the best of Kiawah. Please mark your calendars!

At KICA, our core mission is to both preserve and enhance your quality of life. We do this through a 100-person staff, who handle essential island maintenance and services. Right now, members have the opportunity to have their voices heard in our annual election of two new member directors for the KICA board. You can learn about each of our eight candidates at kica.us/vote. The newly-elected member directors will represent you for the next three years. Our board meets monthly and we encourage you to join their meetings, to learn a little more about the island or to have your voice heard. If you are unable to attend a meeting, our meetings are recorded and posted to KICA’s YouTube channel, so you can always stay informed. The KICA board is charged with preserving and enhancing your quality of life, so I urge you to participate in the election if you have not done so already.

I look forward to continuing to share with you this year what makes Kiawah a special place and all we are doing to preserve what is best about Kiawah Island and this community.



KICA Chief Operating Officer