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Commercial Access During the PGA Championship

Kiawah Island is excited to welcome the 2021 PGA Championship to the famed Ocean Course in May. During the week of the PGA Championship, May 17-23, most commercial activities on Kiawah will be suspended. We ask that you plan accordingly.

Prohibited Business

Prohibited commercial work will include (but is not limited to) construction, landscaping, routine repairs, routine deliveries (i.e. furniture delivery) and household movers. We look forward to welcoming these businesses back onto the island beginning Monday, May 24.

Permitted Businesses

Permitted businesses include deliveries from carriers (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, US postal service), food service and fuel deliveries, and specific home services (home health care, housekeepers, pool maintenance and trash services). These businesses will be able to pick up their PGA credential hang tag prior to the event to maintain their Kiawah Island access. The week of the event, remember to display the PGA credential hang tag clearly from the vehicle’s rearview mirror while on the island.

April 26 through May 14, authorized businesses can stop by the KICA Commercial Pass Office at Beachwalker Center from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily to receive their PGA credential hang tag for the week of the PGA Championship. Businesses that do not pick up a hang tag credentials in advance will need to stop at the temporary pass office location at The Island Center/Ace Hardware shopping center (3700 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Johns Island) for an access credential hang tag.

Championship Week

During the PGA Championship (May 17-23), all access credential requests will be routed to a temporary pass office location at The Island Center/Ace Hardware shopping center (3700 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, Johns Island). This pass office will service members, guests and businesses. Delays are likely; please plan accordingly. You will not be able to get past the first checkpoint without a PGA credential hang tag.

Island Traffic

During the event, traffic to the island will be heavier than normal, with the bulk of event traffic arriving between 7-11 a.m. However, traffic will be heavier throughout the week. Please watch carefully for pedestrians, bicyclists and shuttles while driving on the island.

No On-street Parking

During the event, there will be no on-street parking on Kiawah, including for commercial vehicles. Approved commercial vehicles must park in parking lots or driveways. Vehicles parked on the streetside will be towed without notice and at the owner’s expense.


During the week of the event, checkpoints will be located throughout the island to control island access and facilitate traffic movement. Commercial vehicles must stop at all checkpoints on the way to their work location on the island. Businesses that are not authorized to perform specific work in Ocean Park will not be allowed past the final checkpoint. To get past these checkpoints and onto the island, you must have PGA access credentials (a hang tag issued by KICA). Only permitted businesses will be issued access credentials.

Transportation Companies

Uber, Lyft and limo or transportation companies bringing guests to the PGA Championship will be routed into the attendee parking lot just past Freshfields Village. Note: There will be no spectator drop-off in the vicinity of The Ocean Course or access to the PGA Championship from the beachfront. Security checkpoints will be in place along Ocean Course drive and only vehicles with proper credentials will be permitted access.

Emergency Repairs

If you are called to deal with an emergency repair during PGA week, make sure that the member has received authorization for the repair from KICA’s director of Security. Once the member has authorization, proceed to the temporary pass office location (info above) to receive an access credential and pass for emergency use. Be sure to abide by all regulations while on the island for the repair. There is no on-street parking the week of the PGA. Vehicles parked on the street will be towed at the owner’s expense. You can confirm the property owner has requested emergency access by emailing [email protected].