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Roads & Traffic

NOAA Predicts Potential for Above Normal Rainfall and Flooding This Spring

Water Resilience

The Marsh is a Critical Barrier to Protect Our Island from Flooding; Let’s Keep it Healthy

Island Projects

Ongoing Bathymetric Survey Gives Staff Another Tool for Proactive Management

Water Resilience

2024 King Tide Dates for Kiawah Island

Water Resilience

Marsh Health: Updates on Restoration and Protection Efforts and How You Can Plan to Get Involved

Water Resilience

Neighborhood Harnesses Group Negotiating Power to Replace 60 Driveways with Permeable Pavers

Severe Weather

The Role that Stormwater Management Plays During Hurricane Season

Water Resilience

Second August Supermoon Brings Another Round of King Tides, Aug. 29-Sept. 1