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Boardwalks, Lots and Trails Get Some Upgrades Before the Holiday Weekend

KICA is consistently working to improve island infrastructure, in ways big and small. We know that something that’s small in the overall scheme of things can still have an impact on the member experience. Before the Memorial Day weekend, these updates will improve your experience, whether your holiday weekend includes a walk or a boat ride around the island.

Beach-ready Boardwalks

Work on boardwalks has been a priority in 2024, and our boardwalks are beach ready in time for Memorial Day. Boardwalk 16 (Mariner’s Watch) and boardwalk 32 (Surfsong) will reopen next week, after full replacement. You may also notice that your favorite boardwalk now has a shower to make clean up easy. Our General Maintenance team added five showers in 2024, meaning 90% of the association’s boardwalks now have a spray station.

Refreshed & Regraded Lots

Common property gravel parking lots at Rhett’s Bluff, Cinder Creek, and Eagle Point, as well as the gravel portion of Eugenia Avenue, will be regraded prior to the holiday weekend. This means a smoother launch experience for the start of the summer season.

Tranquil Trails

It really is the little things – your Kiawah walk or bike ride gets a little more enjoyable with these small updates to leisure trail. A small spur trail that crosses Kiawah Island Parkway to Oyster Rake will be repaved. Make sure to always cross in the crosswalk when your a pedestrian, and always stop when people are in the crosswalk when you’re driving.

Our Major Repairs and Replacements team also focused on updating trail transitions (where the trail meets a roadway) for a smooth, even walk or ride. Transitions on Sea Forest Drive will be completed next week, and then updates will start along Green Dolphin Way.



Pond 56 Outfall – Modifications are coming in June to the Pond 56 outfall in conjunction with KICA’s final Flood Mitigation project (phase 3 of Project 6). During this time, there will also be grading work behind 1-3 Governors Drive.

Falcon Point Bridge – Timber replacement for KICA’s final vehicular timber bridge will begin in late June or early July. KICA owns seven timber bridges, and has cycled through replacement of timbers on the other six over the past few years. The Falcon Point Bridge is the smallest of these bridges and the replacement is expected to take less than two weeks to complete.