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Be the Best Hosts and Help Your Guests Get Gate Access with Ease

There are several ways members can submit gate pass requests to give island access to family and friends, like emailing [email protected] or calling the gate (843-768-5566) with the details of your guest’s visit, but most prefer to use the gate access portal (at or through the ABDI GateAccess app).

The portal keeps your requests organized and has the extra option of sending your guests a QR code to present at the gatehouse, which expedites their interaction. Instead of consuming time to collect the guest’s visit details to look up the pass request, the QR code is scanned, which prompts the gate pass to print immediately. This can shave minutes off the gate interaction time. Speedier access for your guests also has the wider benefit of reducing overall congestion at the Main Gate. 

How to Log In 

If you have not accessed the gate access portal, contact [email protected]. (Note, this gate management portal is different than your member account portal. KICA recognizes that multiple member portals are not ideal and is working to integrate these two portals.)

If you have forgotten your password, start the login process at, enter your username and click “Forgot your password? Click here.” This will prompt an email which will ask you to reset your password.

Don’t forget, the Community Code on the login screen is: KICA

How to Authorize a Member-Guest for Gate Access

In the portal, click the Guest List navigation heading. Click the button Add a New Guest/FastAccess Pass.

Enter the Last Name and First Name of your guest. Enter the Start Date and End Date of their visit. (Visit dates can span up to one month.)

Optional: enter Notes for KICA Security staff, if there is a special circumstance that would be helpful for the team to be aware of. Click Update.

Your request has now been successfully submitted and now the Security team can view your authorized guest. Your guest will be listed in your Guest List. 

Email Your Guest a QR Code for Expedited Gatehouse Check-in

To the right of your guest’s name in the Guest List, click the View/Send Voucher button. The QR code PDF will appear. At the top (right side on desktop view) there is a small Email to: box. Click the box and enter your guest’s email address. Click Send Now. You are finished!

Your guest will receive an email with the QR code from that they can print or show on their smartphone to the Security staff member at the gate. The gate staff will scan the QR code and print the gate pass. (Note: the QR Code PDF is not the gate pass.)

Security Verification Code

All members have a Security Verification Code to verify their identity when calling or emailing gate pass requests. Be prepared to state your code when making pass requests. To view or change your code, log in to the gate access portal and click the Account Settings tab in the navigation bar. Under your password settings, you can view or change your verification code.