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April Security Report Reinforces Parking As Number One Rule Violation

April showers bring…a showering of parking violations! Continuing with the monthly trend in 2024, parking violations were once again the leading category of rule violations. In April, we had 144 parking violations – making up 59% of 244 total rule violations. Trailers parked at residences was the second highest category at 25 violations, making up another 10% of violations last month. 

Avoid violations and fines by reading our rules on traffic and parking. Be sure to share this information geared toward working on the island with your contractors to help them avoid these citations as well.

In April our gate staff welcomed 208,733 vehicles through the Main Gate and 130,565 through the V-Gate – about 6,733 cars per day on average! These number are significantly higher than the March totals as we approach the busy season on the island.

View the full April Security Report.