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Apply for New Vehicle RFID Decals to Maintain Gate Access

Apply for New RFID Decals

This summer, the Kiawah Island Community Association is upgrading the technology at the gates, transitioning from barcode scanners to radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensors. This means that instead of a barcode decal, you will need an RFID decal to access Kiawah Island. Although your barcode will work for the next few months, we’re asking you to submit your vehicle information now, so that you will have your new RFID decal in hand before this switch occurs. If you are a Kiawah Island Club member and already have an RFID decal for gate access to club facilities, your decal will soon be activated for KICA’s gates and no action is required of you.

Like a barcode, an RFID is a window decal for your vehicle, but the technology is more advanced, and the decal is more discreet. The RFID sensors will be able to read your access authorization more quickly and accurately than a barcode scanner. Once you receive and apply your RFID decal to your vehicle, you will be able to remove your barcode decal, but please keep your barcode on until it has been replaced with an RFID decal.

Instructions for Getting Your Decals

To receive an RFID decal for your member vehicle/s, please complete the following online application. You will be able to request RFID decals for all vehicles in your household that are registered in the name of a property owner. With your application, you will be required to attach a copy (scanned or photo) of your vehicle’s current registration, so please gather this in advance. We recommend snapping a photo with your phone, so you have a digital copy ready to attach.

RFID decals for three member vehicles are complimentary. You may submit more than three vehicles on your application, but beginning with the fourth vehicle, you are authorizing a charge of $25 per vehicle to your member account.

Vehicles registered to your adult children and relatives are not authorized to receive an RFID decal, but you may continue to request guest passes for them online or by contacting KICA Security. Remember, guest passes can be requested for up to 30 days.

Member RFID Decal Application

Receiving and Applying Your RFID Decal

Once your application is successfully submitted and processed, KICA’s member services team will activate and mail your decal/s to the address identified on your application. Please anticipate several for processing and mailing.

Your new RFID decal will go on your front, driver’s side windshield, not on the side like your barcode. Follow the specific mounting instructions that will be provided. Once your RFID decal is applied, please remove your barcode decal. Your RFID decal will have been activated and may be used to access Kiawah Island gates immediately. Your barcode will be deactivated in the summer of 2021 (exact date TBD).

Need Assistance?

Contact KICA staff at [email protected] for staff assistance.