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An Overview of Discussions from KICA’s Town Hall Meeting

KICA’s board hosted members on Tuesday morning for open conversations over coffee and quiche at The Sandcastle to hear directly from community members on any topic. The discussion popped around to topics like the transition of Architectural Review Board’s responsibilities, development, concerns over island access and traffic volume at the main gate, and the enforcement and education of island rules.

Community members asked for a proactive approach to address these issues and challenged the board to communicate how solutions will be identified (ex. committee/task force, staff or board). The board noted two approaches to addressing issues that involve other Kiawah’s entities, one of which is building relationships with island leaders and making formal requests for action, and/or pursuing action through engaging lawyers. Although the board is divided on which tactic to use for each specific issue, the value of both was presented.


The next formal opportunity to connect with the KICA board of directors is Monday, Oct 3 at the 1 p.m. board meeting, but your board is always available to hear your concerns, compliments, and interests. Contact individual board members or your full board at