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Agreement Offers Exceptional Service to Members

For the past 6 years, Comcast and KICA have had a right-of-access agreement, which allows Comcast to access KICA’s rights of way on the island for a variety of service needs. When this agreement was made, KICA required some additional benefits for members, such as a minimum service standard and a dedicated team to respond to service requests. These requests must be answered within a specific time-frame. Other items, such as addressing aesthetic requirements quickly, were also included.

This unique service agreement enables members to skip the frustration of calling a service number and contact either KICA’s director of Livability, Ed Monahan or Tammy Peak at Comcast to have their new service or technical issue prioritized. The only issue these two can’t handle is billing support.

If you are an existing Comcast customer or interested in becoming one, reach out to Ed at 843-708-3611/ [email protected] or Tammy at 843-312-2604. There is no need to call a generic service number or attempt to reach a service tech directly, who is likely already assigned to other issues. Ed and Tammy will work directly with you to ensure your issues are addressed promptly.

While there is no requirement to purchase service from a specific company, Comcast is the only telecom service contractually-obligated to meet certain standards. For more information, please contact Ed Monahan.