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3 Things to Do for Your Association

The new year is a critical time for the community association. Each year in January, we ask you to complete three important things that the association relies on to operate. They are:


Member assessments fund the majority of the association’s operating budget. With the approval of the 2020 budget, general and segment assessment rates increased 5% from the 2019 rates.

Assessment statements were sent out in late December, and included the 2019 supplemental assessment necessitated by Hurricane Dorian.

To make your assessment payment online, locate your assessment statement in your email (or mail, if you requested a mailed copy) and find your Customer ID. Visit kica.us/pay to be directed to
PaymentVision, KICA’s secure payment processor. To pay by phone, call 855-768-KICA.

To pay by mail, send your check, cashier’s check or money order to KICA’s lockbox:

Kiawah Island Community Association
P.O. Box 65435
Phoenix, Arizona 85082-5435


The KICA board of directors represents your interests and plans for the future with the goal of preserving and enhancing quality of life and property values on the island. 51% of property owners must vote in the board director election for the election to be valid. Three candidates are running for election to fill two seats: Tom Baker, Jerry McGee and Brad McIlvain. The KICA Nominating Committee recommends Tom Baker and Jerry McGee for board service. For more information on the Nominating Committee, the candidates or the vote process, visit kica.us/vote.

There are three ways to cast your ballot: online at www.vtnw.com/go/kica, by phone at 844-797-2575, or by mail (if you requested a mailed paper ballot). Votes must be received by Thursday, Jan. 30 at 5 p.m.

If you received your voting materials by email, your registration number can be found within KICA’s email sent on Friday, Dec. 27. If you received your voting materials by mail, your voter registration number is printed in your materials. If you cannot locate your registration number, contact [email protected].

All voting members will automatically be entered to win a $500 annual assessment refund.


The association’s covenants require 51% of community members to attend the Annual Meeting on March 13, 2020 at 10 a.m. at The Sandcastle. Since many of our community members live part-time on Kiawah and are not able to physically attend the March 13 meeting, we ask that members assign their proxy to the KICA board secretary to reach the required quorum. There is no voting at the Annual Meeting, so assigning your proxy does not limit your involvement. It only aids in fulfilling quorum. When you vote, you will see the option to assign your proxy on the ballot.

The Annual Meeting is conducted to transfer authority to the newly elected directors, report on important association matters and receive member comments. All members are invited to participate in person or live online at kica.us/livestream.